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Hello and welcome to my blog and my website! I'd like to invite you to bookmark my website and check back often to see if your athlete is pictured here.


Who am I?

A little about me.  An interest in photography led me to become a photographic artist, which I've been for 25 years. My experience in the photographic world includes knowledge of cameras, exposures, medias, retouching, photo workflows, and quality issues, first from film and now including digital.  My interest in environmental photography broadened into sports photography when my daughter started becoming involved in activities. I figured since I had to be there for each event, I'd might as well take pictures! 


Why do I do this?

While many parents have cameras and chronicle their child's milestones, not everyone does, or they have point and shoot cameras that are nothing short of infuriating when trying to photograph a kid in motion. (Believe me, I have thousands of pictures of blurry hands and feet from the early years!) I also realized that not every kid gets to play every inning, every quarter, etc. It's easier to get shots of the kids with the most playing time, but the kids who don't get to play much also deserve to be photographed as a record that they were in fact, a part of that team. They practiced, sweated, and earned a spot. Therefore, I try to shoot every kid playing, if at all possible.


While shooting my daughter's sports, I discovered I really LIKED shooting sports. So much so that I can't just sit and watch a game anymore. The pull that I might catch some great action beckons. (If not "great action", at least a good representation of the players and the game).


I shoot photos for the booster clubs of any sport my daughter is participating in. The photos are used for the slideshow and placemats at the end of season banquets. While each player gets a placemat as a keepsake, the composites on high quality photo paper are also available to order from this website. Also, since I've spent every game shooting away, the best shots will also be displayed on this website and available for ordering. I will occasionally offer specials so be sure to register. Besides High School Volleyball and Softball, I've also expanded into shooting other sports, such as Tennis, Football and Basketball, both boys and girls and am looking forward to shooting Track this year. I'm also willing to shoot middle school or younger kids in leagues such as Jr Dragon Football, baseball, softball and soccer. Basically, if you want action shots of your kid performing in a sport, just let me know!


What do I offer?

While I love just having individual shots to offer, my speciality is artistic creations utilizing the shots I've taken. I LIKE shooting sports, but I LOVE LOVE making them into something else! Composites are a good way to display several different action shots of one or more player, even from more than one sport. I have several styles to choose from. (BTW, this is a really nice Senior or coach gift.) Football Sports Template


I recently added a new product, a 3x3 Accordion Mini book. If I've gotten 10-12 shots of your player, this is a great little keepsake. It is personalized with the year and player’s name. This is a great way to utilize those photos as an alternative to just ordering straight prints. More styles coming soon!


For a really one of a kind piece, I also offer photo paintings. I am also open to trying new things, so if you see something cool somewhere that you like the look of, I can take a look and see if I can come up with something like it. In other words, just because you don't see it on this website, doesn't mean I can't do it! If there are some photo products you want but don't see, please ask, I can possibly add them.Bright sports painting




If you think you would like action photos or a creative piece, please let me know ahead of time. For the sports where I'm not likely to be at every game, and the rosters are large (like football) I will need to know of your interest so I can focus on getting shots of your player. If it's difficult to get enough shots of your player for a composite or  mini book, then we can set up a shoot to make sure we have some photos to use.


How to navigate the photos

You may want to go through each game's gallery as an overview. When viewing each individual photo, there is an Add to Favorites button above the photo. You can build a collection of your own favorites, to go back and review later. You can also email your favorites to family and friends. There is also a Tweet and a Facebook Like button at the bottom of each photo.


Are you reluctant to flip through hundreds of photos to try and find your player? No problem! It takes me a long time to cull, crop, edit and KEYWORD each sports photo. I may miss a few, but I'm trying really hard to KEYWORD each photo with the players name. There is a search tab at the top, put in your players name. It should come up with 4 options across the left top; Galleries, Collections, Photos and Videos. Make sure the Photos tab is selected to view the results of the search. Previously, I may have only used a first name, but going forward, I will try to use both first and last name.  If you know there are older photos that aren't coming up, try searching the first name by itself, or the last name by itself.  Lastly, try misspelling the name. For some sports I may not have a roster available and just guess at the spellings, so there is a good chance if you have a unique spelled name, I may have misspelled it. Sorry! 


Wrap it up

I know I've been kinda windy here, but just wanted to let everybody know what I offered, and how to find it on this website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message at [email protected]. Looking forward to providing you with action shots and memories of your athlete's sports years!

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